14 August 2012

Camo Calling

I'm back from my mini birthday vacation to Chicago! I had an amazing time and can't wait to share my pictures and stories about my trip. I think for once in my life i was not packed well for this trip! I am guilty of excessively packing anytime i need to put things in a suitcase. Its like a guilty conscious and i just don't feel good about leaving anything behind, i have a ridiculous way of thinking.

With that said, i thought i would restrain myself from unloading my entire wardrobe's contents into my ONE allotted suitcase SHARED with my boyfriend. I packed about 4 outfits, many of which were basic essentials and one "night" outfit for my birthday dinner. To my surprise the most important piece of clothing i regretfully forgot to bring along was a light jacket.

I don't know where my common sense went when i knew the "windy city' was the "windy city" for a reason and didn't pack any type of jacket, cover up or sleeves at the very least. I've been too spoiled with the unbelievably beautiful summer weather at home. Never less i knew i would be shopping relentlessly so i made it a mission to find me a jacket! (Pictures and shopping haul coming soon!)

Jackets i wanted and jackets i found! And now i'm overcome with this obsession with a come back trend of the classic camo print military style jackets i saw every which way i turned. I know, camo walks on a fine line and usually i wouldn't dare mess with it but i actually love the edgy style it adds to any thing you can imagine pairing it with. Camo is the new black? Maybe not, yet.


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